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How It Works?

For DoTells Tag Owners


Step 2 | PRINT (If needed)

Step 3 | Stick

For Scanners
(AKA People who find the Valuables)

Scanners do NOT need DoTells Account.
Scanners scan for free, ALWAYS!

If Scanner scans DoTells Tag using DoTells Phone APP, then he or she has an option to request TWO-WAY chat, while sending a message to the owner.

Note: Owner does have to accept the TWO-WAY chat request, on their side, in order for Chat to become available to both the parties.

If Scanner scans DoTells Tag using a Phone Camera, then he or she does not get the option to request TWO-WAY chat, while sending the message to the Tag Owner.

Note: It will be just One Way message. In other words, Tag Owner will NOT be able to reply or reach back to the Scanner.

(To DoTells Tag Owners)

Once message is sent by the scanner, DoTells tag owners receive the scanner’s message from DoTells. It may be received via email, text, In-App Alert or all. Tag owners can configure the notification setting, on how they would like to be notified, from their DoTells Account.

Two Way Chat
(Phone App Only)

If DoTells tag was scanned using DoTells App and TWO-WAY chat was requested AND accepted, Scanner and Owner can have real time conversation, back and forth, without revealing their identities.