• Will I be charged monthly or annually for my subscription?

    You will be charged Annually for your DoTells Plus subscription.

  • Does my subscription get automatically reviewed?

    Yes. Your DoTells Plus subscription will get automatically renewed on annual basis. We will charge you, on the same day and month of your first year's subsctiption, every year; unless, you cancel your subscription from your account.

  • Will I get a refund if I cancel my DoTells Plus subscription mid-year?

    No. If you cancel your DoTells Plus subscription mid-year or any time during the year, your subscription will be cancelled for the next year and onwards. You will still have your current subscription until the end of that subscription year.

  • What do I get when I sign up?

    Please visit Features Page to see what all you get when you sign up for DoTells.

  • How many types of subscription DoTells offer?

    Currently DoTells offers two types of subscription: 1. DoTells Basic: It is Free. 2. DoTells Plus: It is $19.99/YEAR ($1.67/Month). Please visit this page to find compare each type of subscription.

Scanner of a DoTells Tag
  • Will my identity and contact information revealed to the owner of the DoTells Tag, that I scan?

    Not at all. Your identity will not be revealed at any stage by DoTells.

  • I do not have DoTells subscription. Am I still able to scan a DoTells Tag?

    Absolutely. You don't need to have a DoTells Account or subscribed to DoTells in order to scan a DoTells Tag. You can scan ANY DoTells Tag using your smarphone's camera or DoTells APP.

  • Do Scanner get charged for scanning a DoTells tag?

    No. A scanner scans for free, always. You will not be charged if you scan using your smartphone's camera or DoTells App (NO log-in/registration required).

  • Do I need to sign up (even for free), in order to scan a DoTells Tag from DoTells APP, to request two-way chat?

    No. You don't need to sign up or register (even for free). Once you download the DoTells App, click on 'Scan DoTells Tag' button, which is available without siging in, to scan the DoTells Tag. Once you scan, you will see a checkbox to request two-way chat, while sending a message to the owner. Once, owner accepts the two-way chat request, you and the owner are able to chat in real time, using DoTells APP.

Free Starter Kit
  • Who is eligible to receive the Free Starter Kit?

    Users who sign up for DoTells Plus subscription (DoTells paid subscription) and have a US shipping address, are eligible to order and receive the Free Starter Kit.

  • What is included in the Free Starter Kit?

    Click here to see what's included in the Free Starter Kit.

  • How do I order Free Starter Kit?

    Once you sign up and pay for DoTells Plus subscription, you will be able to order your Free Starter Kit from the Subscription page within your Account (Log into your Account > Go To Subscription Page).

  • When will I recieve my Free Starter Kit?

    Once you submit the order of your Free Start Kit, shipment will be made within 7 business days. Please note that you will need a US shipping address. Currently, we are not able to ship outside of the US.

  • Am I able to order extra accessorries and/or stickers at extra cost for additional DoTells tags I create in my account?

    Currently, we do not offer shipment of accessories or stickers for additional DoTells tags created under your account. However, you are able to download/print/copy, any DoTells Tag created under your account, as many time as you like.

  • Are Free Starter Kit and printed sheet of stickers shipped outside of the United States?

    No. Currenlty, they are shipped within the US only. However, you are still able to download/print/copy your DoTells tag from your account.

  • Who is eligible to receive free printed sheet of stickers?

    Users who sign up for DoTells Basic Subscription (Free Subscription) directly via our website or DoTells App AND have a US shipping address, are eligible to order and receive free printed sheet of stickers.

  • How do I order free printed sheet of stickers?

    Once you sign up for Basic DoTells subscription, you are able to order them from DoTells Tags page, within your account. (Log into your account > Go to DoTells Tags page)

  • I signed up by scanning pre-printed DoTells Tags, that I received. Will I be able to order and receive free printed sheet of stickers?

    No. You already have it!

Scan Limit
  • How many times a scanner can scan my DoTells Tag in 24 hour, if I do not set up a limit?

    By default, a scanner can scan a DoTells tag up to 5 times in 24 hours and send you a message from their device's browser.

  • Where do I go to set up, per device, scan limit for my DoTells Tags?

    You are able to set scan limits for your EACH DoTells Tags, seperately. You can set it up on My DoTells Tags page > 'Edit' desired DoTells Tag > Enter the number of scan limit, that you would like to set, under 'Restrict Number of Scans/day/device' field.

"Main" DoTells Tag
  • I did not create a DoTells Tag with title "Main". How and why does it appear in my DoTells Tag?

    "Main" DoTells tag gets created automatically, as soon as you complete your registration. This is your first DoTells Tag. You are not able to delete or change name of this tag. You will also receive your Free Starter Kit for your "Main" DoTells tag, once you provide your shipping address and order your Free Starter Kit.

De-Activate Button
  • What does De-Activate button, on my DoTells Tags page, do?

    De-Activate button deactivates your DoTells Tag. A scanner will not be able to send you any message, if they scan your DoTells Tag that you have deactivated. You can reactivate your DoTells Tag anytime, by clicking Activate button.

Notifications to the Owner
  • Will my identity and contact information be revealed to the person who is scanning my DoTells tag?

    Not at all. Your identity will not be revealed at any stage by DoTells.

  • If someone scans my DoTells tag and sends me a message, how do I get notified?

    "With your DoTells subscription account, you have an option to get notified: 1. Via email, on up to two email addresses and 2. Via SMS, on one phone number (US only) 3. Via APP notification, if you use DoTells APP and have enabled notifications"

  • Am I able to select where I get notified for my each DoTells Tag scan?

    Yes. You are able to select Primary Email, Secondary Email and/or a US Phone number, for Each of your DoTells Tag. Go to DoTells Tag page > Click Edit for applicable DoTells Tag > Select the checkboxes where you would like to receive notificaitons for that DoTells Tag.

  • What are the default notification settings for automatically created "Main" DoTells tag?

    "By default, your ""Main"" DoTells tag notifications are going to go to your primary email address. You are able to edit notification preference at any time, from you account by clicking 'Edit' button for the related DoTells tag. (DoTells Tag page > Click Edit button for the desired DoTells Tag)"

  • How do I make sure my DoTells email notifications, land in my primary mailbox?

    If you experience, your DoTells notifications are not going into your primary mailbox. Please manually move them to your primary mailbox. Once you do that, all your future DoTells notifications should land in your primary mailbox.

Download and Printing of DoTells Tags
  • What download and printing options do I have for my DoTells Tags?

    "With your DoTells subscription - both Basic and Plus, you are able to download and print your DoTells tags in below formats: 1. Avery Presta 94513 template (3"" circle sticker) 2. Avery Presta 94506 template (1.5"" circle sticker) 3. JPEG (QR Code Only) - three different sizes 4. PDF (with QR Code and 'Contact My Owner?' text) - three different sizes"

  • What type of material is recommended when printing on a blank Avery (or other compatible) templates?

    "We recommend to print on weatheproof and heavy duty material. However, there are couple of things to keep in mind while choosing your blank template's material: 1. Where and how you plan to place and use the DoTells Tags? For example, if your DoTells tag is going to be indoors all the time, you may not need to print on weatherproof material. 2. What kind of printer you are going to use to print the DoTells Tags? Some materials are compatible with Inkjet or Laser printers only and some are compatible with both. Therefore, make sure your blank template's material is compatible with the printer you are going to use."